One J.Crew Shirt is So Ubiquitous It Has Its Own Instagram Account

gingham shirtLots of people wear lots of J. Crew. In the past few years, it has become a go-to for staples the same way The Gap or Banana Republic are. But there’s one item in particular that has caught the eye of a number of men walking around New York City: a blue gingham button-down shirt.

So ubiquitous is the shirt that it has inspired an Instagram account, aptly called ThatJCrewGinghamShirt. It’s actually kind of insane how many men bought this item of clothing.

New York’s most worn shirt in the men’s category is on sale for $54.50, available on the company’s “Factory” site, $5 off full price. So it’s an economical choice.

But as Gothamist points out, most men aren’t too much into fashion. They stick to the basics and hope for the best. So the fact that so many men have latched on to the same shirt is a strange sartorial phenomenon indeed.

And while Gothamist makes fun of the fact that it’s a lot of different types of guys who are wearing the shirt, this is probably the best marketing for it that J. Crew could’ve hoped for. Some men are wearing it tucked in. Others wear it left loose. Some button it up to the top. Others don’t button it at all. Old, young, glasses, no glasses, beard, no beard… everyone seems represented. Basically guys, if you need a shirt, here’s one for you.

A lot of times, items sold on the Factory site are on their way out. But with this, we’re guessing this shirt will be sold for a long time to come. After all, J. Crew previously brought back a bathing suit by customer demand. If this isn’t demand, what is?