1-Hour Photo: an app that makes you wait to “develop” your mobile photo

1 hour

Instant gratification has changed the dynamics of photography. Instead of waiting for hours, days, or months to view a photo, users can see the immediate results from their camera on their camera.

With smartphones, this immediate gratification also results in immediate sharing using apps. Of course, there’s now an app that can help you limit just how instantaneous your gratification can be filled: 1-Hour Photo.

One hour photography processing is still pretty fast for print standards, but it’s still much slower than Instagram. The key here is -insta. Can you wait one hour?

1-Hour Photo makes all your shots more magical by making you wait an hour before you get to see the results (using our black and white film emulation).

By the time you see your photos, the moments they’ve captured have already become memories, which changes how you feel about them forever.

Nobody gets distracted in the moment by reviewing photos as they’re being taken – your special moments remain all about the moments themselves.