On St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson Is Serving Up Innovative Ads Via Twitter, Snapchat and Uber

The whiskey brand is going all out

The liquor brand has big designs on this Hibernian holiday.

Alcohol marketers such as Jameson and Bud Light are all over digital on St. Patrick’s Day, trying to be as innovative as possible on this Hibernian version of Mardi Gras. In fact, Jameson is having one of the more interesting whiskey marketing weeks in the history of interactive media.

Sound like a 150-proof statement? Well, consider that today the Irish single malt whiskey brand is offering Twitter users who see its promoted tweets the chance to get a free Jameson T-shirt delivered within two hours. Working with its media agency, 360i, the brand has partnered with Fooji, an on-demand delivery app, for the necessary logistics.

Cailin Kelly/Fooji

Earlier this week, Jameson parent company Pernod Ricard worked with 360i to capitalize on Storm Stella in the markets of New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and other Northeastern cities. Google ads were triggered by consumer searches around the blizzard, offering delivery by online booze-delivery service Minibar of the liquor giant’s brands, including Jameson, Absolut,The Glenlivet and Kahlúa.


Still not impressed? Let’s get back to St. Patrick’s Day, as Jameson today is running Snapchat geofilters targeted at 75 bar districts around the country. Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood and South Lamar in Austin, Texas (where SXSW is winding down this weekend), are among the areas being targeted. The filter will only be accessible at the bars—Snapchat users in nearby retail spaces will not see the ad.

And through Sunday, Jameson has teamed up with Uber to advertise free rides courtesy of the brand—up to $10—on UberX and UberPool in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston.

Jameson’s creative agency, Phear Creative, led the design and development for these efforts.

Meanwhile, Bud Light is no St. Patty’s slouch. It’s running Snapchat sponsored lenses, targeting drinking-age users on the app. The promos will offer Snapchatter’s a shamrock crown and a pot of gold lense that they can use on the photos they share with their friends today.

Finally, the Anheuser-Busch brand is also doing a non-sponsored lens that virtually turns the person in the photo into a leprechaun with a green hat, beard and shamrocks.

“Bud Light’s entire platform is focused on friendships and bringing people together over beers,” Victoria Vaynberg, senior director of digital marketing at Anheuser-Busch, said via an email. “We wanted to apply that same strategy to Snapchat. This lens that changes when a friend joins you for a photo is a the perfect representation of Bud Light’s ‘Famous Among Friends’ campaign.”