Omnichannel Marketing’s Missing Link: Online-to-Offline Integration (Report)

Nearly one-half of surveyed marketers said alignment between local and online strategies is hit-or-miss.

Personalization has become a core motivation for marketers, mostly in pursuit of a true omnichannel experience. As retailers and marketers strive to meet customer demand for a seamless experience throughout their purchase journey, customers are embracing cross channel shopping more than ever before. A report from the CMO Council and Netsertive examines the vital nature of omnichannel strategies.

Of the 189 senior marketing leaders surveyed throughout the year, 94 percent agree that omnichannel is critical or important for reaching their business goals. However, many marketers are failing at implementation. Only 21 percent are using third-party tools to measure their cross-platform campaigns as they relate to in-store sales and engagement.

Despite the clear benefits of integrating online and offline campaigns, few marketers are able to achieve this connection with any real efficacy. 48 percent of respondents report that alignment between local and online campaigns is hit-or-miss, while 30 percent report that campaigns are mostly aligned and executed well by all involved. Less than 20 percent report that campaigns are either not well aligned or are truly disconnected.

This disconnect is caused by a number of issues, from poor measurement to misunderstanding the desires of the customer. If marketers are able to form cohesive partnerships with local businesses and eliminate these hurdles, marketers and retailers will do much better.

The report lays out the simplest steps to take to make this happen:

  1. Understand how customers are interested in engaging and transacting.
  2. Embrace and empower retail partner networks.
  3. Turn loose connections into holistic experiences.

For more details download the full report.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.