Library Card Catalog Cabinets Used for eReader Storage

If you’re old enough, you might recall how libraries used to have card catalogs. This was back before you could look stuff up on the computer – back when all the information about a book was on little 3×5 cards. Now that the catalog is on computers, the cabinets that used to hold those cards aren’t much use anymore.

Rather than throw the old cabinets away, one middle school librarian has figured out a new use for them. She’s using them to store her library’s eReader collection. It turns out that the drawers were just the right size for most of the common eReaders. All the case needed was a few holes drilled in the back, and then running some power cables.

It seems to work out rather well. Rather than store information about a book, the cabinets now store the digital book itself.

via Bloomington Junior High School Media Center