Old and New Games Mix on This Week’s List of Fastest Facebook Gainers by MAU

This week’s AppData list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users is once again led by a new Digital Chocolate app, this time Vegas City. But some of the other top apps are rather older:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. Vegas City3,603,126+856,191+31%
2. City of Wonder7,059,673+615,833+10%
3. Frontier Bonuses1,007,078+610,316+154%
4. FrontierVille29,872,423+601,010+2%
5. Island God2,074,902+559,441+37%
6. Bar World1,180,819+545,008+86%
7. Hollywood City3,634,751+527,276+17%
8. Epic Fighters1,214,743+493,369+68%
9. Mighty Pirates1,026,557+445,283+77%
10. Monster World5,573,490+383,354+7%
11. Simply Hospital3,278,346+333,604+11%
12. 德州撲克(中文版)3,653,863+299,163+9%
13. Bubble Island5,960,339+277,776+5%
14. OyunPark615,502+258,784+73%
15. Social City6,030,879+255,288+4%
16. It Girl5,713,584+252,454+5%
17. Puzzle Saga589,381+240,057+69%
18. MyGame755,566+235,411+45%
19. Pool Master 2349,207+228,415+189%
20. Ninjas Rising329,956+208,731+172%

Digital Chocolate is again not just leading, but listing a handful of growing apps: Vegas City, Island God, Hollywood City, Epic Fighters and Ninjas Rising are all from the developer. All of these have now been out long enough that we can begin to see how they affect DC’s overall traffic. The two “City” games are reskins of Millionaire City, which is holding up quite nicely itself, but both Vegas and Hollywood are showing extremely low stickiness:

Epic Fighters and Ninjas Rising, the two reskins of MMA Pro Fighter, are doing fairly well, but their parent is losing MAU quickly. And Island God, the one completely original game, also shows low DAU as a percentage of MAU, perhaps a symptom of the game’s requirement that players begin paying or begging friends for consumables quite early in order to advance. Digital Chocolate’s next task is to show how it can differentiate and improve all of these games enough to growing once the initial flush of new MAU is past.

City of Wonder comes in second, with something of a revival in traffic, gaining a solid 10 percent over the week and rising back to where it was in mid-November, though with a concurrent drop in DAU that suggests the new users are from a fresh round of promotion by Disney. And the next game down (excluding Frontier Bonuses) is FrontierVille, into which Zynga seems to have pumped fresh players.

Finally, Bar World by DNA Games is continuing its rather healthy growth rate, which it began last shortly after launch a few weeks back. Though many apps attempting to take inspiration from Nightclub City have launched in the past few months, this is the only one we’ve seen that has done so with any great success.