OK, so you didn’t read the trades today…

You had the Monday I had. Meetings. Followed by a billion phones calls.

And you didn’t read the trades? No need to worry; you can still go to dinner tonight and sound informed: wizard.jpg.jpg

– Behold, the power of puberty: “Harry Potter” has biggest box office ever in his fourth outing, grossing $101.4 million, according to Variety. Or $102.3 million, if you believe the Hollywood Reporter.

(Then again, what’s a million bucks between such good friends?)


TiVo Podcasts are making TV networks downcast: It turns out that TiVo’s plans to turn everything on your TV into a potential iPod download has seriously screwed with the network’s plans to monetize downloaded shows. Variety’s Michael Learmonth reports on the heavy breathing in ABC exec suites, which is not hard to understand given that the network just launched a new deal for new “Lost” downloads with Verizon.


Rod Lurie, after suffering the ignominy of being kicked of “Commander in Chief” last month, returns in “Triumph,” a new pilot loosely based on the election of an 18 year old to the mayor’s office in a small town.
Sounds a little familiar, especially if you’re from Detroit or nearby…