OK! Publishing Britney Meltdown Interview

britney_meltdown_072507.jpgOK! is going ahead with publishing last week’s disastrous Britney Spears interview and photoshoot. During her OK! appearance, Spears neatly slaughtered whatever was left of her career. The roll call of Britney weirdness confirmed by the magazine in the Daily News includes:

  • Wiped her greasy hands on a $274 designer gown during lunch.
  • Let her puppy poop on a $6,700 Zac Posen gown.
  • Took frequent bathroom breaks — with the door open! — and even brought her assistant in with her.
  • Insisted her “friends,” not the hired professionals, do her hair and makeup while complaining that the wardrobe provided by the mag’s stylists wasn’t “sexy,” “short” or “tight” enough.
  • Fled the shoot and interview before it was over — still wearing $14,526 worth of OK!‘s borrowed clothing.

  • Still unconfirmed by OK! are the <a href="reports that Spears was “babbling like a baby” and fondling herself throughout the interview. OK!‘s angle was put forward by editor Sarah Ivens: they’re publishing it as “a wakeup call for her and for the people around her.”

    A wake up call? For Spears or the newsstand?