Oh…Sir! Insult Simulator Launches on iOS

The turn-based multiplayer game sees players create insults to damage their opponent's honor.

Vile Monarch and Gambitious Digital Entertainment have released Oh…Sir!, a multiplayer insult simulator, on iOS. The game was inspired by the Monty Python dead parrot sketch, and features local head-to-head multiplayer, as users become proper gentlemen, and must create ‘absurd’ insults to damage the honor or their opponent.

In each game of Oh…Sir!, players create insults by combining pieces from the common board (shared by both players) and the pieces in their personal hand. Users can drink tea to receive a new hand of insult pieces during the round.

In each round, players take turns selecting pieces for their insult, with the goal of creating a grammatically correct sentence that is longer than their opponent’s, and therefore worth more points. If players choose an insult piece that doesn’t grammatically work with their current insult, they hurt their own honor.

At the end of each round, players’ insults are scored, and the points are taken from the opposing player’s honor bar. The game ends when one player runs out of honor.

Oh…Sir! is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Steam. The game was created in 42 hours during the amJam game jam event hosted by Artifex Mundi. Oh…Sir! came in second place at the competition, and received an audience reward.