Oh Crap: Open This App if You’re in Trouble With the Law

oh crapSome very tech-savvy lawyers made the perfect app for law-abiding citizens to help them stay out of jail longer. It’s called, Oh Crap, because it’s what you’re going to say right before you need it.

The app comes from an Iowa law firm, whose attorney Bob Rehkemper, said, “One of the biggest mistakes people make is thinking that they know their rights. That initial interaction is documented and is recorded so it’s not a matter of what somebody remembers, or he said, she said.”

The app has informative features to help you learn what to do in sticky situations, but it also record your interactions with the law. When initiated, the app can record and save conversations onto an external server. This can be accessed later to prove or disprove wrongful testimonies. You can also use the app to notify your attorney if you are being arrested, or a bail bondsman if you’re already in jail.

This app is designed to educate the public regarding their legal rights when being investigated for a criminal offense. It features the emergency “Oh Crap!” button designed to be used in emergency situations where a person is being stopped or questioned by law enforcement. This app also has additional features such as an informational Blood Alcohol Calculator, Legal Rights Advisory and Top 5 Ways to Avoid a DUI.