Offerpal Launches MySpace "Onboarding" Feature

-Offerpal Media Logo-Yesterday Offerpal Media announced the launch of an “onboarding” feature for MySpace applications. What does this mean exactly? Well, MySpace developers can ultimately integrate Offerpal’s advertising services quicker and easier than before. The bigger story is that Offerpal claims to be seeing nearly equal activity on MySpace as they are on Facebook. What does this means in terms of engagement?

Not much because correlating Offerpal payouts with the absolute number of active users is not completely accurate. The reality is that MySpace users could be more likely to be converted into recipients of Offerpal’s “offers”. Unfortunately we don’t have enough data to make this correlation. What we can say is that that CPA advertising models appear to be the most effective so far on social platforms.

Many have considered the CPA model to be controversial as historically there have been many misleading offers provided to users. The result is still the same though with Offerpal touting an extremely high payout for average active daily users. What does all this mean? Honestly, there doesn’t appear to be nothing new to be honest. MySpace has continued to see growth and is increasingly rivaling the dominant Facebook platform.

Competition is clearly heating up though as Super Rewards, Offerpal and Social Cash compete for new developers and fight to retain existing customers. Some companies have been accused of playing dirty in terms of locking in developers and slandering competitors but playing dirty in a CPA/offer-based environment isn’t far from par.

It’s clear that the point and reward-based advertising appears to be most effective at generating the highest ad revenue for many of the larger applications, especially games. It will be interesting to see if this advertising model continues to dominate or if we see new forms emerge.