Of Course President Obama Follows His Own PR Team on Twitter

Good refresher on the White House communications lineup.

You probably heard about President Obama joining Twitter for the first time (officially) today.

Lots of people noted his Pope-like ability to gain followers (almost a million in less than two hours) and the fact that he (or someone representing him) sent the first tweet by this notorious BlackBerry fan from…an iPhone.

People also made jokes. Lots of jokes.

But we’re most interested in the people who “POTUS” follows. Why? Because someone who is almost certainly not named Barack Obama compiled a list of accounts for those who love official statements from public representatives. There’s official White House photographer Pete Souza:

Director of the Office of Public Engagement Paulette Aniskoff:

Deputy Director of Communications Katie Beirne Fallon:

Principal Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz:

Chief Digital Officer Jason Goldman:

Deputy Senior Advisor for Communications and Strategy David Simas:

Director of Communications Jen Psaki, who cleared up a very important point:

…and, of course, Press Secretary Josh Earnest (who has the most interesting account on the list):

For better examples of how individuals working within an organization can work together to spread that organization’s message, follow everyone who writes for BuzzFeed.

Here’s Obama’s second tweet, which shows us that 1) it’s definitely not him handling the account and 2) someone knows how to do it.