Odd Blog

bobblog.gifAnyone else find the Post’s newest blog a little odd? Bob Levey launched “The Bob Blog” this week–Levey, you might remember was the Post’s predecessor to John Kelly‘s Washington, the light (until recently) comics page features column on life in the region. He wrote the column for years and it could always be counted on to be a bit goofy and absurdly old-fashioned.

Levey took the Post’s 2003 buyout and then had a brief, apparently unsuccessful run as a fundraising vice president at Children’s Hospital. Now, apparently, they’ve taken him back, and thrown him into the wilds of blogland. One can only imagine that it’s a lucrative post for him since he’s received one of the Post’s generous buy-outs already and is now getting a second paycheck from them.

So why is his new venture odd? For one, Levey doesn’t exactly hit blogging’s key demo–his average reader has to be pushing sixty. Sample entry from the first week: Dealing with tele-marketers. And it seems unlikely that John Kelly, who was already screwed by the reshuffling of his column to the Metro section, is thrilled with the Post bringing back his predecessor to bascially compete with him online.

Very strange.