Octogenarian Salsa Dancer Slays YouTube

TheFineBros 'React' videos also dominate the weekly chart

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Despite being posted to YouTube on Friday, the salsa-dancing combination of Paddy Jones, who turns 80 this year, and the much-younger Nico Espinosa rapidly vaulted to the top of the VideoWatch/VidIQ's Web Series chart for last week.

The duo appeared on Britain's Got Talent in the United Kingdom and quickly captured the imaginations of online Americans across the pond. As can be seen in the video below, Jones and Espinosa's act started slowly before shocking the crowd with a whirlwind of hard-to-do cha-cha moves.

Within hours, their performance on YouTube accrued more than 4.5 million views, while growing to more than 8 million in recent days.

Meanwhile, videos from TheFineBros just keep on killing it, securing three slots with its "React" series in this weeks rankings.

Check out the top performers in the multimedia infographic below.

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@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.