Ocho Launches Video-Based Social Network on iPhone

OchoOcho has today launched its video-based social networking app for iPhone, which aims to help users transform the way they see the world and share things with others. The platform allows users to share short video clips, and comment on and like the posts of others, as they would on Instagram or Vine. However, Ocho wants to capitalize on the large screen size of modern iPhone devices, and does so by focusing on 16:9 widescreen video clips, instead of square videos.

Ocho allows users to share videos of up to eight seconds in length, and supports recording when holding the phone both vertically and horizontally. Once a clip has been shot within the app (or imported from the device’s camera roll), users can edit its appearance with a filter, trim the end of the video for the perfect length and edit the overall brightness of the video clip, as well as its audio volume. Finally, users can add voiceover narrations to their clips before they’re finalized.

From there, clips can be posted alongside their shooting location, a description and hashtags, before being posted to networks like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, or just shared with the Ocho community. Descriptions support full URLs, so users can link out to websites that relate to their content.OchoFor social features, users can follow their friends or strangers they discover within the app, and can like or post comments on other users’ clips (including video comments). In addition, users can “re-Ocho” videos they love, like a user retweets something on Twitter.

“Billions of networked smartphone cameras that now have the bandwidth to seamlessly share video is unprecedented and inspiring. Ocho was created to empower expression and engagement that is unbound by distance and most closely approximates life,” said Ocho co-founder and CEO Jonathan Swerdlin, in a statement. “We are introducing a few simple tools, like voiceover and TV mode, that bring forth new ways to share life and create narratives.”

Ocho is launching alongside the news that the developer has raised $1.65 million in a seed funding round, including investments from Mark Cuban and Bill Lohse’s Social Starts, among others. This funding will be used to grow and expand the app, which includes a focus on strategic partnerships with third-party companies.

Ocho is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.