Obama to Answer Your Questions on State of the Union Interview on Google+

Following tomorrow’s crucial State of the Union address, President Barack Obama will participate in a Google Plus Hangout next week to ostensibly field questions about his speech.  He’ll be addressing questions from users who will have until January 28th to submit their questions via video.  I’m curious to see how much of a draw the event has, and whether it will raise the profile of Google Hangouts.

The event will take place a week from today on Monday, January 30th in the afternoon.The event will be a 45 minute Hangout which will have Obama appearing on live video, and answering pre-selected questions.  Users will be able to record and submit their questions until January 28th over YouTube at the White House YouTube Channel.

This will certainly be a use of Google’s “Hangouts on Air” feature which we discussed recently.  The idea that a celebrity can address their followers live, via video at any time is a pretty appealing option, and if this and other initiatives are successful we may see celebrities jump on Google+ to address crises or make big announcements live to their followers.

You can read more about the Hangout over at the White House’s Google+ page, which also includes the post announcing the interview.