Obama to Answer Twitter Questions After State of the Union

The State of the Union Address will be on Tuesday, but many of us in the industry are looking forward to the “social media” state of the union Q&A Obama will deliver on Thursday. The President will take questions from social media sources including Twitter, and will answer them live on a YouTube broadcast.

If you’re interesting in getting your question to the President, just send your condensed thoughts in a single tweet to those managing this Q&A by using the hashtag #AskObama.

The White House is asking that all questions be answerable in about 20 seconds, so you’ve got to keep it short and sweet – something that Twitter users are used to, anyways. And you must get your questions in by midnight on January 25th in order for them to be considered.

Obama will be broadcasting the answers to the top-rated questions on Thursday. You can watch the President respond to these questions live on Youtube starting at 2:30PM EST.

We expect Obama will address some questions in this Q&A that he doesn’t address during his State of the Union, and we sincerely hope there are plenty of questions about net neutrality, digital privacy and other factors that affect us Twitter aficionados.

What question would you ask Obama if you had the chance?