Why Did the Prez Pick Steve Jobs over Google?

The President did what he had to do in his speech last night: rallied the troops, laid out his general campaign themes and gave a few shout-outs to key constituencies. But one particular last-minute editorial change has sparked the internet’s interest this morning: Obama decided to drop a reference to Google and substitute Steve Jobs as the prototypical American business innovator. Why did he do that?

It may have been because his opponent Mitt Romney also mentioned Jobs in his acceptance speech last week. It may have been because Jobs’s death less than a year ago is still relatively fresh in the minds of the American public. It may have been because Jobs was a man and Google is a corporation (and no, they are definitely not the same thing).

Here’s the line:

“We believe that a little girl who’s offered an escape from poverty by a great teacher or a grant for college could become the next Steve Jobs.”

We’re leaning toward the latter explanation –everyone loves personal stories, right? What do you think?