NYTimes News.me a Hybrid of Flipboard & The Daily

Shortly after the iPad became available last year Flipboard introduced a remarkable and free app (also named Flipboard) for the iPad that took links from your own Twitter and Facebook accounts feeds and turned them into a newspaper-like reading experience. Who you chose to follow on Twitter and friend on Facebook determined the topics and kind of information you saw in the app. In efffect, you were, to use a popular buzzword of the last few years, your own curator of news.

The well-funded The Daily too a more traditional newspaper/magazine approach to news curation: They decided on the content. However, they to did something interesting. Its subscription fee choices are a very reasonable 99 cents per week or $39.99 for a year.

So, what if you took an approach somewhere in between Flipboard and They Daily? I think we just found out reading the description of the New York Times’ soon-to-debut iPad app News.me.

News.Me, Social News Service, Debuts for iPad (New York Times – Bits)

News.me looks through Twitter for news too. The twist is that the NYTimes partnered with the creators of the URL shortener and tracker bit.ly to find links that are being widely circulated. News.me is also licensing content from popular free blogs and news sources like AP, Fast Company, Forbes, GigaOm, and Mashable to provide rich content for their app. Of course, you could subscribe to the RSS feeds of most if not all of their sources and use Flipboard or one of the other RSS re-display apps to create a personalized newspaper.

Like The Daily, News.me’s weekly subscription fee will be 99 cents. However, its annual subscription price will be slightly lower at $34.99. If you are curious about the service but do not have an iPad or do not want to pay for a subscription, News.me has what appears to be a free email service that creates a daily digest of news from links of the people you follow on Twitter. You can learn more about this option at: