Thoughts About Second Screen Viewing At NYC Television Week

At last week’s NYC Television Week, MediaBistroTV caught up with two media executives and one Hollywood showrunner and asked them whether the “second screen” factors into their programming decisions.

Their thoughts were divergent, especially with regard to Twitter’s impact on TV viewership.

A notable quote from each of the three interviewees:

“Twitter has really become a de facto second screen.” – Chris Balfe, CEO, “TheBlaze”

“Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Get Glue – they’re all creating tune-in, it just takes a little bit longer… for something to catch on on ‘hashtag television.'” – Evan Shapiro, President, “Pivot”

“We don’t think about second screen at all.” – Clyde Phillips, Showrunner, “Nurse Jackie”

Here’s the full video (it’s quick!) if you’re interested:

If you’re interested in social TV, check out Lost Remote’s “The Future of Social TV: What Networks are Planning for the Spring and Summer TV Season.”

(Devices image via Shutterstock.)

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