Nvidia Announcing Tegra Windows CE Based Netbooks: True Instant On

CNET reports that Nvidia will introduce netbooks using Windows CE at the Computex conference in Taiwan this week…

Nvidia Netbooks: Windows now, Android later

If you’ve been looking at the prospect of 45-second, 35-second or 15 second netbook books, consider this: Windows CE devices have true instant-on and instant-suspend. Windows CE has provided this since its introduction in Handheld PCs in 1996. So, this is a mature and well-tested operating system. It also serves as the engine underlying Windows Mobile smartphones.

I’m a huge fan of the old Windows CE based Handheld PCs and I’ve been saying that it should be considered for netbook use for the past two years. I sure hope these Nvidia based Windows CE running netbooks show up in the U.S.

Nvidia Tegra 600 Series (product information page)