Nuance Trace On-screen Keyboard

The popularity of touchscreen smartphones that only have on-screen keyboards is leading to innovative ways to speed up text entry on phones. I’ve written about Swype, which this week received recognition for being used to set a new Guiness World Record for the fastest text message on a touchscreen phone. The Nuance T9 Trace keyboard is similar to Swype in that you slide your finger from one letter on the keyboard to the next, the difference is that the Nuance keyboard uses the same XT9 word prediction that is available on many cell phones today, and is widely recognized for its accuracy.

T9 Trace seamlessly switches between tracing and tapping on the keyboard, and includes spell correction, next word prediction, and enhanced word completion such as e-mail addresses and URLS. Unfortunately, Nuance is not selling the T9 Trace keyboard to consumers, instead they plan to work with phone manufacturers to have the keyboard included in their phones. To see text entry on the T9 Trace keyboard, watch the video on Nuance’s web site.