Nuance Powered T-Mobile Genius Button for myTouch 4G: More Speech Control Than Android

Video courtesy of NuanceMobileChannel

I’ve been using the Android-powered Nexus One as my primary voice phone for the past five months. It finally gained the ability to voice dial over Bluetooth after Froyo (Android OS 2.2) became available for it. However, the Nexus One still didn’t provide all the features or voice dialing quality (accuracy) that my older HTC Touch Pro2 (Windows Mobile 6.1) did. It does not, for example, read incoming email subject lines or accurately distinguish between phone number types.

If you have one of the new T-Mobile myTouch 4G Android powered phones, Nuance’s T-Mobile Genius Button may provide some of my missing features and more.

Nuance Powers Truly Hands-Free Messaging on New T-Mobile 4G

It can:
– Initiate an SMS text message
– Read out incoming SMS text messages
– Read back dictated messages to review for accuaracy
– Provide incoming caller announcement
– Voice dial
– Search the web

There is no recurring monthly free associated with this product and its service.