Nuance PaperPort Anywhere: iOS Cloud Document Management – Crash Prone

Nuance’s PaperPort Anywhere is a two-part product. Part one is a tiered web image management service. There is a free entry level account with 1GB storage. 10GB costs $9.99 per month while 50GB costs $24.99 per month. Part two is a free iOS (iPhone, iPad) app.

Nuance unveils cloud scanning, new iPad app (9to5Mac)

PaperPort Anywhere (iTunes App Store)

The PaperPort Anywhere app converts a photo to a PDF and uploads it to the web. Unfortunately, the app crashed every time I tried to photograph a document with my iPad 2. The app also crashed the first time I tried to import an existing photo from the iPad’s photo album. However, it worked on the second try. The big problem for me was the high compression the app applies to the photo during the PDF conversion process. This created an essentially unreadable PDF document from a photo that was taken under less than optimal conditions: The iPad 2 has a sub-megapixel camera. The lighting was not perfect. The text was printed on a light gray background. That said, documents in the real world are usually not photo ready in ideal conditions. You can see the result in the figure on the left. The top image is a section of the original photo at its original size. The image below is the PDF image created by PaperPort AnyWhere and uploaded to the web site.

Image results may be better if an iPhone 4, with its much higher resolution 5 megapixel camera, is used. However, the app’s stability issues may be present there too.