NPR Lets Users Mix Their Own Podcast

NPR was one of the first content publishers to whole-heatedly embrace podcasting and digital content, and it’s served them well. Just about every NPR show is available online as a podcast, and NPR maintains a directory of content, including originally-produced content by their member stations. In total their directory lists 638 different podcasts listeners can subscribe to.

Today, NPR has released a new tool which lets users mix their own custom NPR podcast feed. By selecting categories and keywords related to specific topics of interest a user can create a custom feed that they can take to their favorite podcatcher. It’s an easy tool to help sift through the massive amount of content that NPR is producing on a daily basis and find what is relevant and important to you as an end user. ReadWriteWeb notes that the features lacks a full-text search option, and could us some better mobile integration, but overall is a pretty useful and easy-to-use application.