Now, this is how you deny a $100 million sexual harrassment suit

That loud echo-like sound you heard coming out of Bill O’Reilly‘s orifice office was the just-today-filed $100 million suit against yakker Maury Povich.


(Pictured at left: Povich and his wife Connie Chung enjoy a moment of levity after Chung orders the beheading of the suit’s plaintiff.)

It’s a doozy. The AP has all the details – but it’s what you’d expect: Marital infidelity, forced viewings of porno. The usual.

What we expected was a NBC suit to trot out and blandly say that he’d not yet seen the suit, and that in any event mega-congloms like G.E. don’t comment on pending litigation. Instead, we got this:

Gary Rosen, spokesman for the show, flatly denied the allegations, as did a spokeswoman for NBC Universal. “We are aware of the allegations of harassment made by Ms. Nardi. We have done a complete and thorough investigation of her allegations of harassment and we are satisfied that there is no merit to them,” Rosen said. “We stand behind our experienced and dedicated staff, fully.”

True, not true? We don’t care. It’s only Monday, and already Rosen is gunning for our Flack of the Week plaque. Bravo!

(We’re a tad disapointed in the usually Johnnie-on-the-spot The Smoking, though. If NBC’s seen the suit, why haven’t you guys already posted it in all its porno-watchin’/wife-cheatin’ glory?)