Nothing Can Match The Thrill Of Seeing Your Name In Print

The long hard road of our fledgling, um, career started with twenty minutes in the Princeton Architectural Press offices. The aftermath started out pissy; now we’re just grateful. Skin of our teeth and all. Still, we’ve been keeping an eye on what they’re up to, especially Pamphlet Architecture, the energizer bunny of the small-book scene, starting up again as we write. The competition typically gets won by on-the-cusp designers. LTL before Ini Ani. Steven Holl before porosity. Lebbeus Woods before tripping face.

Call for entries for PA 28 is up.

To promote and foster the development and circulation of architectural ideas, Pamphlet Architecture is again offering an opportunity for architects, designers, theorists, urbanists, and landscape architects to publish their designs, manifestos, ideas, theories, ruminations, hopes, and insights for the future of the designed and built world. With far-ranging topics including the alphabet, algorithms, machines, and music, each Pamphlet is unique to the individual or group that authors it. This call for ideas seeks projects that possess the rigor and excitement found throughout the rich history of Pamphlet Architecture.

Just trying to catch up to academia, one ruminated musical algorithm at a time.