Notes from tonight’s MySpace Developer Platform launch

MySpace officially announced the MySpace Developer Platform to the developer community tonight at the MDP Launch Party in San Francisco. Many of the top Facebook developers were in attendance to meet the MySpace Development Platform team.

MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe led off the evening and introduced MySpace CTO Aber Whitcomb and COO Amit Kapur to introduce the highlights of the Platform.


  • We’re going to fully support OpenSocial standards, the documentation of our exact specs is live on the developer site.
  • We’re going to democratize the platform launch by giving everyone one month to test drive the platform and build apps before releasing them to our users.
  • Think of the profile page as friend facing, and the home page as self facing.
  • We’re going to iterate on the platform over the next month.
  • You’re going to have to use Caja for security.


  • We’re going to let you monetize your apps however you want and keep 100% of the revenue, “like you may be used to.”
  • We’re going to try to apply some of our hypertargeting expertise to help developers make money.
  • We really want to make this work for developers.
  • Several top Facebook developers have created demo apps quickly for tonight, including iLike, Flixster, Slide, and RockYou.

I chatted with Tom Anderson and could tell he was very excited and serious about the Platform.

Overall, the developer crowd was very excited to finally be able to kick the tires on the Next Big Platform – excited by the possibilities of reaching the MySpace audience but also curious to see exactly how well things work. (One developer hacking on the MDP today said that it wasn’t stable yet. MySpace already has a couple example apps up on the Developer Team blog, including this new RSS reader launched tonight.)

Let the OpenSocial coding begin!

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