Notes from Facebook Developer Garage SF

About 250 people attended the Facebook Developer Garage San Francisco this afternoon/evening, hosted by Offerpal. The event was held at Mezzanine, which is a great venue. A couple quick notes from the evening:

  • Siqi Chen, CEO of Serious Business: “Friends For Sale has 3 kinds of users: 1) guys with a lot of time, 2) guys with a lot of money, 3) hot people. Usually, groups 1 and 3 do not interact much – we allow them to do that… Interestingly, some of our highest paying users are in Saudi Arabia. One woman has spent over US $30,000 in the game so far. We get threatened and bribe attempts a lot.”
  • John Hwang, Director of Products, RockYou: “You should earn about $75 per day per thousand DAUs. For RockYou the going rate is in the $10-20 range.”