Not Sure What to Read Next? Goodreads Wants to Help

The Goodreads app, a sort of book club for the mobile set, is now delivering personalized book recommendations.

The app, and website, allows individuals to compile lists of books they want to read, are reading, and have read, and to share it with friends and peek at their friends’ reading lists. The iOS update released Wednesday night will now serve up a clever carousel of book recommendations based on your past book ratings and favorite genres. Newcomers to the app will need to rate at least 20 books before seeing recommendations.

Goodreads’ recommendation engine scans 20 billion data points to come up with the suggestions, the company said. It aims to be a little different from other book recommendation models by providing “surprising suggestions” but also looking at the relationship between the books on your virtual shelf. How have you categorized them? Beach read? Work?

The update also included a faster barcode scanner that focuses more quickly to add and search books.

Goodreads launched in 2007 and boasts 20 million members. It first released the app in 2010. It is available on the iPhone, iPad and iPad mini.