Not Sure What to Do in the Dark During Earth Hour? Durex has a Suggestion

Durex #TurnOffToTurnOn - OFFICIAL - YouTube-2The lights and TV are off, the router is unplugged, and you’re stuck in the darkened house with your significant other for a whole hour…what, oh what could you possibly do to pass the time? Pick up your cell phones to check Instagram?

Think again.

Condom brand Durex, which recently announced its partnership with the green initiative Earth Hour, has a better suggestion: Use this time to “reconnect with each other whilst the lights are out.” *Wink, Wink*

That means not only unplugging your electric devices, but powering down your mobile ones — the brand’s Turn Off to Turn On campaign maintains that we should take that extra step on March 29, because it’s hard to connect to each other when you’re busy connecting to five different social networks, your text history, and your email (shocker).

In a release, the company muses, “By not only turning off all lights on March 29, 2014, but also switching off all gadgets and gizmos, people can use this opportunity as an excuse to swap their laptops for some loving and ditch their phones to enjoy some foreplay….The wonders of technology help to bring people together, but is it also a key factor in keeping them apart? With today’s couples interacting with their devices more than each other, could gadgets and gizmos be the main reason behind the fact that people are having 20% less sex than in 2000*?”

Very possibly, yes.

Twenty percent of US 18-34 year-olds have admitted to using a smartphone during sex, Twitter users on average have shorter relationships than non users, and a recent poll on the UK’s sex life revealed that 12% of people had answered a phone during sex, one in ten had read a text, and over 5% had actually checked Facebook in flagrante.


As a call to action, the campaign has released the below video encouraging viewers to share the message. While it does, at first, seem counter-intuitive to encourage people to take to their social media accounts to share a viral video that, in turn, asks people to avoid those same social media accounts, it actually makes some sense. The video reaches us where it knows we are (on our devices), thereby taking advantage of the issue while also illuminating it — so maybe if we see it, take the message to heart, share it, and then log off and unplug, we will have done what the campaign is hoping for?