Nordstrom Takes a Stand Against Holiday Madness (Again)

We love it! Hooray! Well done, Nordstrom!

While most retailers scramble to start the holiday shopping season ASAP, the department giant recently announced that it will NOT adorn its stores with holiday decorations until after Thanksgiving. It’s a Christmas miracle! For most of the public, the act of decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving feels wrong on so many levels. Let’s break them down:

1. The public loves Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the one true national holiday that allows Americans of all races, creeds and beliefs to sit down together and celebrate being a family among a nation of families. Thanksgiving is everything that’s right about America, and companies that interrupt Thanksgiving in order to sell another sweater should be ashamed of themselves.

2. The public is tired. We’re weary. It’s not just post-election fatigue: From the eternally depressed economy to the popularity of reality television, we feel we’ve sold out–and these holiday decorations are just another reminder.

3. Please, stop the greed. Just because we hate greed does not mean we hate capitalism: A lemonade stand is capitalism; cutting down the lemon tree to build a better lemonade stand is greed.

4. It’s just tacky. And we don’t mean quirky Christmas sweater tacky–we mean insulting tacky.

Holiday decoration inflation has grown unchecked for decades, but we’re now at a point where the decorations don’t even put us in the holiday spirit. They make us feel overwhelmed by a desperate corporate machine that leverages childhood nostalgia and automated singing Santa Clauses to obtain our money. It’s a shakedown. We get it. But again, not before Thanksgiving.

We would note that this isn’t the first time Nordstrom used its contrarian policy to earn free media coverage, but we’d rather just say thank you, Nordstrom. And come November 29, Happy Holidays.