This Nonprofit Is Searching for Millennial Bone Marrow Donors on Snapchat

Be The Match targets young men with social blitz


        Be The Match

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        Be The Match

Be The Match—a nonprofit that manages a bone marrow registry to help blood cancer patient—needs a new way to recruit young, healthy donors, so it's looking for them on apps popular with millennials.

"What we've found is that while anyone between the ages of 18 and 44 can join the registry at no cost, we're really focused now on recruiting 18- to 24-old men because younger donors tend to be healthier," said Regan Hall Reinerth, director of marketing and communications at Be The Match. "The trick is that group on a registry is pretty small."

With the help of agency Space150, the non-profit is launching a campaign on Snapchat on Friday that zeroes in on young guys with vertical video ads that will run within the Live Stories—the groups of photos and videos collected at locations and events—and Discover sections of the app.

The campaign dubbed "Be the Guy" is designed to show millennial guys how becoming a bone marrow donor fits in with their day-to-day lives.

Within Discover, Be The Match is testing Snap Ads that prompt users to swipe up on the screen and links to a form on the brand's website where people can sign up to become a donor.

"With this campaign and Be The Match we do have low awareness, but we're also reaching towards this goal of obtaining more donors, [so] we wanted to be really specific on how we pulled in the conversion component," noted Alyssa Raiola, a media planner at Space150.

In addition to Snapchat, the Minneapolis-based nonprofit is also running online videos on Twitch, Instagram and Facebook and is also working with Reddit.

Take a look at a couple of the videos below.

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