Nonprofit Newspaper? Herald de Paris Explains Its Mission

While newspapers have been in the news lately for charging for their content, the Herald de Paris is looking to make news by giving away its news, transitioning to a nonprofit company and explaining its mission in a post by publisher Jes Alexander.


Effective Feb. 11, 2010, the Herald de Paris et Cie. has a new mission. This decision was over a year in the making.

First and foremost, more people on our planet DO NOT have access to electronic information than do. It may seem hard to believe if you are reading this right now, but it’s true. So, too, firewalls will prevent people from sharing newspapers in the global electronic community. We’ve said this before, but there is a very real danger that those with money and power will soon be the only ones with access to a daily source of print news and information.

Think about it. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have never even seen a computer. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide cannot afford a computer. Hundreds of millions of people cannot afford an Internet connection.

Now, print media companies have begun to charge for access to their content. Of course, this is their right. However, by the same token, it is OUR right to give that news away.

So, that is what we are going to do, give the news away — FOR FREE.

We are interested in new ways to deliver electronic information beyond the current Internet model, such as NASA’s promising Disruption-Tolerant Networking, the interstellar Internet currently being developed at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. These new technologies are perhaps decades away, but there are programs going on right now.

FIRST and foremost, we believe that the best way to ensure that our news content remains honest, pure, and altruistic is to eschew for-profit advertising revenue. We feel that the only true way to remain a completely unbiased world news resource is to rise above the devilish lure of the advertising revenue dollar. As such, you will soon find advertisements disappearing from our pages, replaced by more, better, and stronger news content.

SECOND, we believe that access to honest news and to information should never be brokered like a commodity. This is especially true for a nation that operates with a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the rights to both free speech and to a free press. As the noose of the almighty dollar tightens in the coming years around everything now free on the Internet, we hope to safeguard the notion that access to true news and information are indeed inalienable rights of all people, and should not be the sole provenance of those who can afford it. Why? Because unless people are afforded the opportunity to improve themselves, the gap between a wealthy governing class and a less disposable worker class widens.

As we transition to becoming a fully non-profit company, please consider making a donation, so that we might be able to achieve our goals.