Nominees: Hottest Male Off-Airs

The following are the top ten hottest media males working off-air in Washington, as chosen by reader nominations and our panel of judges. The top vote getter in this category was a joint nomination for the L.A. Times’ Pentagon team, John Hendren and Mark Mazzetti:

John Hendren, Reporter, LA Times (pictured here in Iraq) and Mark Mazzetti (right): “Both tall, dark and handsome. Both actual nice guys. The best-looking national security team in Washington.”

The other nine are after the jump.

Ben Bradlee, Godfather, The Washington Post: “‘Nuff said.”

John Dickerson, Reporter, Slate

Patrick Gavin, Associate Editorial Page Editor, Washington Examiner

Josh Gross, Producer, CBS

Matt LaBash, Writer, The Weekly Standard

John McCalla, Editor, Washington Business Journal

Andy Miller, Production Assistant, ABC News

Michael Robinson-Chavez, Photographer, Washington Post

Richard Wolffe, Reporter, Newsweek: “Charming, British, very urbane. Magnificently tailored suits, funky glasses worthy of an architect. Oh and that accent! I could listen to him read the phone book and be happy.”

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