Nomad Editions Launches its 7th Digital Magazine

Nomad Editions, a new start up that’s focused on HTML5 based periodicals, has just released the first 2 issues of it newest digital publication, Good Dog.

This niche magazine is going to focus on how dogs affect such diverse topics as architecture, courthouse dramas and veterans’ rights.  The launch issues have articles by a Japanese architect uses good design to solve bad dog behavioral problems, Art Smith, former chef to Oprah Winfrey, who talks about his 3 puppies, a road tests of dog beds that promise to repel dirt, and many more.

“With our recent successful launch in Apple’s App Store, we are thrilled to offer Good Dog as a strong addition to our roster of diverse digital publications,” says Mark Edmiston, CEO of Nomad Editions. “Good Dog appeals to dog lovers everywhere with engaging feature stories and a unique take on canine topics. We look forward to developing and launching more Nomad Editions in the next few months.”

You can download the Nomad Editions app free in iTunes. The free issue of Good Dog can be downloaded from inside the app.