Nokia Says No Way No How No Android

I said yesterday that I found it difficult but not impossible to believe that Nokia would build a phone based on Google Android instead of Symbian S60. Here’s what Reuters is reporting Nokia says about this topic…

Nokia denies plans phone running Google’s Android

The quote from Nokia used in the article is: Absolutely no truth to this whatsoever.

That’s really too bad since I thought the idea had merit although it was impluasible. Symbian’s S60 and Microsoft Windows Mobile mobile platforms have been more or less stagnant for years from the consumer’s perspective. Throwing pretty graphical shells on top of the existing engines that are showing their age.

The funny thing is that both Nokia’s Symbian S60 based phones and phone based on Windows Mobile are still very good voice phones. The problem I see lies in their connected app stories. That is, of course, what Apple has excelled at for the past year.