Nokia Mobile Web Maps Work Great on iOS/Android. Windows Phone? Not So Much

Google is not the only company trying to move its services from mobile native apps to mobile web apps. GigaOm’s Kevin C. Tofel used Nokia’s updated web-based mapping service and gave it a thumbs up for features while noting its limitations in saving offline maps due to the large size of the data involved.

Nokia Maps plus HTML5 equals offline mobile maps

I pointed the iPad 2’s Safari mobile browser and Nokia’s mobile web map and concur with Kevin’s opinons. While the maps and satellite images seem to take a bit longer to pull down than Google Maps, the map and imagery quality is very good. It is, however, Euro-centric with British spelling used and routing requests defaulting to Berlin as the origination point.

One big irony of Nokia Maps for the mobile web is that it does not work with its new main phone platform – Microsoft Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango). You can see The error message in the screenshot saying: Our Nokia Maps has not been optimized for your device, but if you click here you can access ourplaces search service.