Nokia Flings with Phling MusicLounge

Oxy Systems said that its phling MusicLounge social music service will be added to the Nokia Download application sometime this year.

phone_sharing1.jpgPhling MusicLounge gives you wireless access to your PC’s music collection on a mobile phone and lets you share it with friends as well as discover new music from their collections. The cross-carrier service also has Internet radio access and a bunch of free tunes from indie artists using phling as a promotional tool.

“This agreement with Nokia…ensures that our distribution strategy of getting phling into the hands of mobile consumers worldwide is gathering momentum,” Oxy Systems president and CEO Mike Krasner said about the deal. “Consumers are not interested in renting digital music they already own; they simply want to be able to listen to their existing library on their mobile, share with their friends and discover new music and friends.”