Nokia Drive & Maps Apps for Lumia 800: Free Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Maps & Sharing

Nokia’s Windows Phone 7.5 based Lumia 800 will not be available in the U.S. until sometime in 2012. But, some of the custom software only available for Nokia’s phones can be previewed now. Nokia’s Drive and Maps apps curiously separate the functions of turn-by-turn navigation with map viewing.

Navigating on the Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Drive provides turn-by-turn directions in 95 countries. Searching through a list of results is done by swiping. The Nokia Maps app provides a combination of the functions found in Google Maps and Google Places. Places visited can be shared across social networks. Windows Phone provides integration with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Live Messenger. Destinations can be pinned to the Windows Phone start screen. Maps provides a list of the top 25 nearby restaurants and other attractions. Information such as reviews, pictures people have taken, contact information and opening hours about nearby businesses is also available.

Both Drive and Maps are provided free on Nokia Lumia phones.

Video source: Nokia

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