Nokia Booklet 3G: Big Netbook Specs, Big Hopes, Big Price, Big Flop?

If Nokia had announced their Booklet 3G in the summer of 2007, it would have been declared giant leap forward and, perhaps, be sold by the millions. Its specs are quite impressive even by today’s standards…

More Nokia Booklet 3G specs emerge at Nokia World 09

Here are some of the specs that stand out to me:

– Up to 12 hours of battery life with a gigantic 16-cell battery
– Intel Atom Z530
– 10.1″ LCD with a 1280×720 (HD video) resolution
– Assisted GPS
– HDMI 1.2 output
– Accelerometer

There is one spec that I find disturbing though: RAM: 1 GB, DDR2, 533 Mhz, soldered down. This just sounds like a bad idea.

The biggest problem with the Booklet 3G is its big price tag. PC World reports that it will clock in with a $820 price. There’s only one company that could get away with pricing a netbook that high: Apple. And, while Nokia is good. They aren’t Apple.