Nokia Best 2009 Apps Announcement: Best? Maybe. Uninspired? Definitely

If Nokia’s best product winner, the Maemo(Linux)-based N900, was a bit of a surprise, their…

Best app announcement from 2009

…winners list is a bit bland.

– Gravity (Twitter client) with 27% of the votes
– Nokia Photo Browser (21%)
– Nokia Ovi Suite (15%) – PC sync/management software

That’s kind of like voting for Tweetie, Photos (built-in app) and iTunes for the iPhone. This kind of illustrates the problem I had when looking at the various best apps list I hope to post as some of my year end blog items. I’m planning to write three lists: One each for Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile. I considered writing a list for Nokia S60 based phones but was, in the end, stumped since I use the N96 pretty much with its built-in apps.