Nokia and Microsoft Join Forces

Color us unenthused. is reporting that “mobile-phone giant Nokia will start to use Microsoft’s copy protection software to boost the use of wireless entertainment, like music and videos.”

According to the report, Microsoft’s technology “allows users of Nokia cellphones to share protected pieces of content – like music, games or videos – between phones, PCs and other devices.”

That sounds great on paper, but in practice, it sometimes causes the opposite to happen. Microsoft PlaysForSure DRM (the system in question here, along with its PlayReady mobile-phone equivalent) is notorious for incompatibilities between MP3 players, Windows XP, and purchased downloads. In fact, Microsoft had already cast aside PlaysForSure in favor of a new system for their Zune MP3 player.

We’re glad that Nokia is pushing so hard on the mobile media front. But it’s difficult for us to get excited about a DRM-related news item, unless it’s about getting rid of it, as long-time readers know.

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