NoDo Update for Windows Phone Slinking Out: But Odds of You Getting It? Slim to None

WinRumors reports:

Windows Phone 7 NoDo update now available

But, don’t worry U.S. based Windows Phone users. The odds of you seeing this update are slim to none. Here’s why. As WinRumors goes on to report: Microsoft is slowly distributing the update to a number of unbranded devices worldwide and owners should see the update notification shortly. Carrier branded devices are a whole different story. I believe there’s a small typo in the first sentence. But, the message itself is clear. Those of us with Windows Phone devices sold through carriers are not included in this first update wave.

So, sit back, enjoy your Windows Phone for what it is and has been since it shipped in November (in the U.S.). It still a good voice phone and a decent smartphone. Waiting for NoDo is beginning to feel like the three month wait for Gingerbread to appear on my Nexus One.