Nobody Knows Exactly What to Call the “New iPad” — Would Steve Jobs Have Left it Nameless?

The world of news is ablaze with stories of people lining up at Apple stores around the world and getting their hands on the “new iPad”.  But isn’t it strange that nobody knows exactly what to call it?  “New iPad”, “iPad HD”, “iPad 3″… the terms are being used interchangeably by everyone who’s up to buy the device.  NowI’m sure Tim Cook had his reasons not to call it the iPad 3, but at least give it some moniker akin to the iPhone 4S.  It’s a minor naming issue and doesn’t detract from the quality of the device or the raving international success (see video below) that Apple has garnered since it’s announcement (the stock hit $600 for a moment yesterday, up from $500 just a week ago), but it may be the first crack in the new Jobs-less Apple.

Right after the first announcement, most news outlets were awkwardly attempting to develop their own names for this new iPad.  Some called it the iPad HD, some the iPad 3, some the new iPad.  A few took the time to berate the fact that they didn’t know what to call it.  This confusion has certainly registered under the surface for some, and how can it be anything but a branding error by Tim Cook?  Is this something Steve Jobs would have let pass?  When they updated the iPhone, they called it the iPhone 4s, and that made sense to people — it’s not a completely different phone, but it has the little “s” upgrade.  That’s exactly what this iPad is, and it would have let people understand – and show off – what was special about their iPad.  Check out the unveiling video below where it’s awkwardly called the “new iPad”.

I do believe Tim Cook has been doing a great job so far, but it was always the x-factor that made Steve Jobs wonderful, and that included his speeches and branding ideas.  Cook has a lot to live up to in that department, and I remember the moment after the iPad unveiling was complete, I had a sense of “Great… so was it the iPad 3?”  That sentiment was shared across the social web.  It’s a sentiment we rarely got from any announcements from Steve Jobs.  Sure, we got a heck of a lot of condescension after he unveiled the first iPad: “It’s just a bigger iPod touch!”  But as the months passed and we all bought the device, we realized that when Steve Jobs had said it’s “magic” once you actually use it, he was right.  It was a great moment of synthesis, where I not only enjoyed the device, but felt that Steve Jobs effect where I realized he is just one step ahead of our tastes.  He even knows when we’ll complain and still perseveres because he’s so sure we’ll enjoy the product.

When I pick up my new iPad, I’ll probably gaze at the beautiful new screen for a while, and then catch myself wondering, “So what the heck do I call this, Cook?”

That said, this will not have any effect on its success.  Take a look at a cool video of the iPad launching in Japan below.