No Zune HD Refresh Until 2011? Yet Another Reason for Microsoft to Product a Zune Tablet

Earlier this month, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley noted a rumor about a possible Zune HD refresh in 2011.

(Not so) Crazy Microsoft Rumors: A new Zune HD?

My reaction? Forget trying to compete with the iPod touch. Forget trying to build a weird mutant Windows 7 based tablet reference design. Build a Windows CE powered Zune HD tablet with true instant-on and a 100% touch screen app story.

2nd Generation Zune HD Rumor? Forget Cloning the iPod touch – How About a Zune HD Tablet?

Sharp-eyed blogger Surur over at WMPoweruser noticed a Microsoft job listing that supports Mary Jo Foley’s earlier rumor of a 2011 refresh.

Windows Phone running ZuneHD2 confirmed in Microsoft job post?

This implies that Microsoft has no plans to compete with the iPod touch and iPad this holiday season. a Zune tablet in 2011 could actually work to their favor if:

1. Windows Phone & Zune get multi-tasking in 2011
2. Copy/paste is supported by Windows Phone & Zune in 2011
3. App developers flock to Windows Phone and these apps can run on a Zune tablet