No Windows Phone 7 Upgrade Path for Current Windows Mobile Phones: HD2 Owners Shafted

Some vendors like Nokia are calling their smartphones (like the N900) “mobile computers”. One big difference between most smartphones and real computers is that many (most) smartphones do not have significant upgrade paths. Yes, they may have incremental updates (if that much). But, most Windows Mobile 5 phones are not, for example, upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5 from an official source (let’s leave XDA-Developers out of the picture for most end-users). One of the biggest exceptions to this rule is the iPhone family. Even the first generation iPhone can be upgraded to iPhone OS 3.x. But, for the most part, smartphones have more in common with toasters than desktop or notebook computers.

So, if you bought a the Windows Mobile 6.5 based HTC HD2 touchscreen smartphone with the idea of upgrading to Windows Phone 7 later this year, this itme from the Australian site…

Microsoft: “No Windows Phone 7 upgrade for Windows Mobile 6.x devices”

…might cause a big of disappointment for you.