No Surprise: Apple Owns 95% of Tablet Market – Stay Tuned in 2011 for the Android Tablet Story to Emerge

I only have one question about the data reported by

Apple Increases Tablet Share to 95 Percent as Android Slips

Where are these Android tablets that accounted for 2.9% of the market that has not slipped to an even more miniscule 2.3%? The answer is that this blip of Android tablets isn’t even worth measuring at this time. We need to wait for Samsung to enter the market before real measurement even begins. And, even then, the Android tablet story doesn’t get truly interesting until tier one firms like Asus, Acer, and Dell (I’m not counting the Dell Streak as a “real” Android tablet). Let’s revisit this question a year from now to get a better idea of how real Android tablets are doing in the overall tablet market (which may include RIM’s PlayBook, HP’s webOS entry, and whatever Microsoft decides to throw in the tablet ring – hopefully not Windows 7 based).