No-Shave November: Were You Scruffy for a Cause?

While the origins of No-Shave November, “Noshember” or “Movember” are debatable (some credit Plato while others blame lazy college kids with poor grooming habits), one thing about the viral month of scruff is certain — it has definitely caught on, and most of the time it’s all for a good cause.

According to the movement’s official Facebook page and accompanying website (both of which are associated with the American Cancer Society), “No-Shave November is a unique way to raise cancer awareness. The goal is to grow awareness by embracing our hair – which many cancer patients lose – and letting it grow wild.  Then, donate the money you normally spend on hair removal for a month to cancer research.”

While men seem to be the main target, women are also encouraged to quit shaving, cancel waxing appointments, etc.  (It’s November and it’s cold; why not?)

While we’ve yet to receive word on just how much money was raised (and how much hair was grown) this year, we think it’s safe to say that thousands of people got involved–and that they weren’t afraid to be creative.

Full disclosure: My significant other is a teacher, and he made a deal with his students–if they could raise $100 for the charity during the month of November, he would shave his beard and ‘stache into whatever ridiculous shape the kids wanted (and leave it that way for a week). While the donations won’t be tallied until next week, the students have already voted that, should the hundred-dollar goal be met, my beloved will be sporting the Batman symbol on his face for a full week. Click through for a preview:

So what about you, readers? Did you participate in No-Shave November? We’d love to hear from you!

(Oh, and for a final kick, check out this video of beard-o-lution in action from our friends at i.d.e.a):