No Longer Favrd

R.I.P., Favrd: The site, which aggregated the most popular starred tweets, is no more, having lost its battle to similar offering, according to ReadWriteWeb.

Site creator Dean Cameron Allen wrote on the Favrd home page:

Alas, stars on Twitter have become mere take-out menus hung on the doors of other restaurants.

There are still lots of clever and funny things to read every day, but finding these is no longer a challenge—you already follow your sources. Sites like this one now serve mainly as fuel for emotional up-fuckedness in the guise of a game.

Just an idea: Next time you see something you like, write the person who made it a note telling them so. Even better, explain why.

Take care! released iPhone app Favit, which displays tweets that received the most stars from Twitter users, one at a time, Friday.